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September, 2003
IRS Press Conference at the U.S. Treasury

IRS Commissioner Mark Everson is directly confronted by New York Times reporter
David Cay Johnston regarding the WTP protest outside the U.S Treasury building and asks the Commissioner, "What law requires Americans to file or pay income taxes?" 

See who does the real "evading"...

Watch IRS Commissioner
MARK EVERSON FAIL to answer the question. He responds with your typical IRS fumbling/non responses that we all have become so familiar with.

Extra Bonus! Then, in the same clip, watch DALE HART squirm as she FAILS to answer the question and she also fails at her attempt at rescuing the commissioner as they both hem and haw at the question and really do a good job of embarrassing the service. All she could do was refer the media people, namely David Cay Johnston of the NY Times, to the IRS web site.

Ha! Been there. It isn't there!
See if you can find it

Next time David should ask, "where, exactly is it on the IRS web site?"

If there was a law, why didn't they just cite it right there and then and settle the matter once and
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Now watch IRS National Taxpayer Advocate
Nina Olson on C-SPAN see and hear more
IRS "evading" and FAILURE to explain...
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video links courtesy of
Robert Raymond's take on it
IRS Commissioner Answers Questions on Income Tax Liability
By Robert R. Raymond
April 20, 2004