Miss., Biloxi
Miss., Jackson
Miss., Tupelo
Mo., Columbia
Mo., Kansas City
Mo., Springfield
Mo., St. Louis
N. Carolina, Charlotte  Small but growing group.
N. Carolina, East Coast
N. Carolina, Asheville-Hendersonville 
We have some good people in this group.
N. Carolina, Raleigh
N. Carolina, Winston-Salem  Fast growing
N. Carolina, (Western) see also Tri- State
   Tennessee (below).
N. Mex., Albuquerque  Good growing group.
N. Mex., Artesia  We have some excellent people in this group.
N. Mex., Gallup
N.Y.C. area
N.Y., Binghamton
N.Y., Buffalo
N.Y., Elmira
N.Y., Hurley
N.Y., Long Island
Neb., Omaha
Nev., Las Vegas  One of our better groups. Thom is a super leader.
Nev., Reno  Good growing group and has a lot of promise.
New Hampshire, Manchester
Ohio, Cincinnati
Ohio, Cleveland  We have a new outside group joining our Cincinnati people.
Ohio, Columbus
Ohio, Dayton
Oklahoma, Tulsa
Oregon, Cave Junction
Oregon, Portland  Fast growing.
Oregon, Roseburg/Winston  Loma is a very special and super lady who does a lot of work for us.
Penn., Erie
Penn., Lancaster
Penn., Philadelphia  Fast growing.
Penn., Pittsburgh
Penn., Scranton
S. Carolina, Charleston
S. Carolina, Greer-Greenville
S. Carolina, N. Myrtle Beach
S. Dakota, Mitchell  This group is super great
for being isolated out on the prairie!
Tenn., Chattanooga
Tenn. Tri-State - Eastern Tenn., Mid and East Tennessee, Western North Carolina and
South-West,.. Virginia.
Tenn., Knoxville Oakridge area  We have
a great group here. I have met most of them.
Tenn., Memphis
Tenn., Nashville
Tex., Austin  Good growing group.
Tex., Dallas  North and East of Dallas
Tex., El Paso
Tex., Fort Worth  West of Fort Worth
Tex., Greenville
Tex. Harlingen
Tex., Houston
Tex., Longview
Tex., Midland
Tex., Kerrville  I am familiar with Kerrville and
know these cowboys & gals will do the job.
Tex., S. Padre Island
Tex., San Antonio
Utah, northern area
Utah, St. George - south west
Va., Manassas  Growing fast.
Va., Richmond
Va., Suffolk
S.W. Virginia see Tri-State Tenn. (above)
W. Va., Charleston
W. Va., Elkins
Wash., Seattle  Growing fast.
Wash., Spokane  Growing fast.
Wash., Vancouver
Wisc., Fond Du Lac
Wisc., Green Bay
Wisc., Kenosha
Wisc., Madison
Wisc., Prairie du Chien
Wyoming, Cheyenne

Education is key when it comes to protecting our rights, especially against government tyranny. The more of us that come together in this goal, the sooner we will be able to secure our future and the future of our great country.
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The Lawman Group is Strong and Growing!
Alabama, Birmingham
Alabama, southern into Pensacola group
Alaska, Anchorage
Alaska, Fairbanks
Ariz., Phoenix  Very active and growing group. Around 40+ members.
Ariz., Tucson
Arkansas, Fort Smith  Small but a good group.
Arkansas, Little Rock
Arkansas, Mountain View
Cal., Bakersfield
Cal., Fremont  Growing group. Around 20 members.
Cal., Fresno
Cal., Los Angeles  & Simi Valley Super group
Cal. Mission Hills/East San Fernando Valley
Cal., Huntington Beach  south of Los Angeles. Folks who are nearer to Huntington Beach may wish to switch into this group. Please let me know if you wish to switch.
Cal., Needles
Cal., Sacramento  Large group.
Cal., San Bernardino
Cal., San Diego
Cal., Stockton
Cal., Woodland Hills
Cal., Yreka
Colorado, Denver  Appears to be growing rather fast.
Colorado, Grand Junction (western Colorado)
Colorado, Pueblo  Colorado Springs
Conn., Hartford
Fla., Fort Myers
Fla., Gainesville
Fla., Jacksonville
Fla., Orlando  Fairly large group. One of our active Florida dynamo groups.
Fla., Pensacola
Fla., Tampa  One of the best groups in the Lawmen.
Fla., W. Palm Beach  Christina is super and has been a real asset as a leader.
Ga., Albany
Ga., Atlanta
Ga., Dacula, Kennesaw, Marietta, Atlanta
Idaho, Boise
Idaho, Lewiston
Ind., Fort Wayne  Active and growing group.
Ind., Hammond
Ind., Indianapolis
Ill., Aurora  Growing group with some good people.
Ill., Chicago  Growing group. Got a slow start but is getting there.
Ill., Effingham
Ill., Peoria
Ill., Rockford and Wis., Beloit
Iowa, Davenport  Ill., Rock Island
Kansas, Topeka
Kansas, Witchita
Kentucky, Covington  Elsmere (near Cincinnati)
Kentucky, London
Kentucky, Louisville
Kentucky, Marion (west)
Kentucky, Paintsville
Louisiana, Baton Rouge
Maine, Waterville
Maryland, Frederick
Mass., Eastern
Mass., Western
Mich., Bay City
Mich., Flint
Mich., Grand Rapids  Mac is our great leader now and he is very capable.
Mich., Ironwood
Mich., Lansing  Large group but most attend the Stockbridge meetings.
Mich., Middleton
Mich., Monroe  Small group but good people.
Mich., Mount Pleasant
Mich., Stockbridge  Bill is our dynamo here. We have monthly meetings and they are very well attended by members from other groups.
Mich., Wayne County area
Minn., Fergus Falls
Minn., St. Paul - Anoka

Lawman Groups are made up of average Americans that are concerned about the course the government is taking.
We are a non partisan Grassroots Correspondance Committee , and we represent the true seat of government by and for the people.
Join the Lawman Here You will be notified of the goup in your area. You will be notified when a new person joins your group. You will be able to contact each other by e-mail and arrange local meeting places and times. How to start a group 

Joining is free and has many advantages. You will get updates and new material as they come out. Members have assembled study materials for the groups that are available. Please take responsibility in your group to ensure that the group sticks to the program and doesn't get into goofey legal theory  Join Here
Charles F. Conces of Michigan was a Defender of the Constitution and protector of the unalienable rights of the American people. He was the Original Lawman and Founder of the Lawman Group.

Chuck passed away on March 29, 2008 of a heart attack, but he lives on in the hearts and minds of those of us that knew him.

Chuck held this 5 day law class in August of 2005. He wanted it to be shared and you are free to make copies.
There are 19 parts in all.