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Simi Valley Library
2969 Tapo Canyon Rd
Simi Valley, CA 93063
(805) 526-1735
FTB Meeting Workshop
All Lawman Members Welcome

Meeting Topic: Lien & Levy

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If you did not attend the September 16th showing of Aaron Russo's film you missed a good one. Be at the next one October 14th as we will be discussing and showing you how to fight the IRS and FTB liens. Bring any papers you have as they will both be discussed.

Since the UCC is being used by these private tax collectors against us, I would think everybody should have the book the Common Law. This book explains on how to use the UCC against the IRS and the FTB as well as the DMV. A very good book to have for $12.

As Jeff has said in the last 5 seminars as one of the important things to do is get your IMF or Master File so you will know what the IRS is putting in their computers about you. There is more to this as well and if you have not attended the seminars the video tapes are available for Jeff as well as Paul Ballmer. If you are fighting against the FTB, I would strongly suggest you get the 2 Paul Ballmer tapes to see the behind the scenes information on the FTB. Nobody knows them better than Paul. This information is cheap at twice the price. They are all just $5 free shipping in California and $5 for shipping outside of California.

J.A.I.L., May 13th, and September 16th tapes as well.

Saturday, October 14th the same location and the time from 12:00 noon to 5:00 PM, I will be holding the seminar in the Simi Valley Library as we had to do once before, The December meeting will be there also but at the same time as our old meetings 9:00 to 1:00.

For the library go to the 118 Freeway into Simi Valley, off at Tapo Canyon Road and north, right if you are going west and left if you are going east. Pass Alamo St. and pass El
Paseo Way, on the left you will see the Simi Valley Library.

We are also going to discuss how to follow up both administratively and legally against the IRS and FTB and go after them in the courts. Also we will have a tax researcher, Jose-Emilio Rodriguez who will be speaking to you about what he has learned. I am going to add something else a reason everybody should attend. We are going to hear from a couple who has won 340 law cases and they aren't attorney's.

I have been planning to talk about the problems we have to go through to stop the IRS and the FTB as well as traffic and all court fraud BE HERE FOR THIS ONE. Any questions call me at 661.250.4541 or email me, Stan antolak@dslextreme.com

Stan's FTB Workshop