Satuarday 11 AM
Peso Bill's Restuarant

*Chuck Conces' 21 page report Paper on Winning of Court Cases
*List of IRS agents and judges
*Guide for Beginners and bring this statment with you

CONTACT: "Ernest R. Brown" rv-travelers@sbcglobal.net
Peso Bill's doesn't open till 11AM

We will be having a "Lawmens' Group" study session here at Harlingen, TX at Peso Bill's Restuarant address 803 S. 77 Sunshine Strip. The plans are to be a on going meetings on 3rd Sat of each month.  If you can make the meeting you should be able to get some good suggestions from the group as to how to proceed/prepare.  The bulk of the meeting will be devoted to the first of five DVDs generated by Chuck Conces.  If you have questions or need more information, let me know.

To attend meal is required for the use of the meeting room.

PS, if you have friends in the Harlingen and surrounding areas send them a invite.

Get the word out about the meetings.

Ernie rv-travelers@sbcglobal.net

Workshop Meeting 3rd Sat of each month
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