Time spent with Irwin and Cindy goes by way too fast. As always, I had a very interesting visit with them and all the freedom gang. A day with them is always an adventure.

Question: How much of our money, that we pay into the government stays here in the country and benefits us?
How much of it is paid out to foreign interests for the benefits of the foreign investors? Do we profit from these outside investments made by our government? Look it up! Do a little research. Discover what the government has been doing behind your back. Ask questions.
If the average American could keep their hard earned wages instead of having to fork over half of it to a wasteful government, there would be more for the kid's college education, more for retirement more for charitable donations etc. More for the Americans that have paid into it. One parent could be home so the children would have more supervision, no more latch key kids. A time when one income would be enough to live on. The economy would begin to grow again and life would be a lot easier for everyone. Your quality of life would dramatically improve. This is what our forefathers, the founders of the Constitution and Peoples Bill of Rights, had in mind when they sat together and discussed the future of our great nation.
When liberty, truth and justice really meant something
Irwin said, Let's say you love to play tennis and play about 3 times a week. What would happen if the government started to tax your tennis game $25.00 per game, you'd probably not play as often, right? Then what if they jacked it up to $100.00 a game...  You would probably find another game. Eventually the tennis industry would cease to exist.  Now what if the government paid you $25.00 per game of tennis? You'd probably go more often, right?  The tennis industry would flourish.

He went on to say, today the government pays you not to work. Pays the farmer not to grow wheat or corn. Pays capable earners not to work. It penalizes the tobacco industry yet subsidizes it with your money. This makes no sense.
It was a long day starting with the hearing at 9:AM regarding the temporary restraining order.

After the hearing, Irwin started getting calls from radio talk shows across the country wanting to know what happened in court.  So, Irwin spent most of the day and evening speaking on the radio via telephone relating what had happened.

Perfectly Frank with Frank LaSpina
Irwin Schiff and Cindy Neun Special Guest Appearance
Irwin also got a call from Frank LaSpina of the "Perfectly Frank Show" in Las Vegas and was asked if He and Cindy would be his guests on his program. Of course Irwin and Cindy said, "Yes!"
So, I went along with them and shot some video.
The Perfectly Frank Show is a popular talk show that is on nightly, broadcasted live from Las Vegas, on local cable with radio simulcast.  The "Perfectly Frank" radio program is simulcast on KYRK UHF Ch. 35 television. It airs Monday through Friday, between 6 and 7 PM on K-NEWS 970 A.M.
Frank Laspina is an intelligent fellow with a melodic voice and a handsome look. You could tell he's been doing his show for quite a while and is definitely enjoying his work.

Cindy had appeared a few times already on his show expressing their trials and tribulations with the government. By the questions Frank asked Irwin and Cindy, I could tell he had a good understanding of what they are all about.

After about 10 minutes of introducing sponsers and talking to Captain Dave in the helicopter with the traffic report, Irwin finally got the opportunity to educate Frank about the illegality of the income tax and how big government is abusing all of us hard working Americans.

Irwin continued, speaking about the governments BAN on his book "The Federal Mafia" and how the government has placed a GAG order on him, Cindy Neun and Larry Cohen and is preventing them from helping people that are up against the criminal activities of the IRS . Irwin went on to say that our 1st,  4th and 6th amendment rights have been denied.

Irwin gave a really great analogy on how the economy works with this simple example...

Do you trust the government?

Irwin spoke strongly about the constitution
and our Bill of Rights.
With a very used IRS Code Manual in hand, Irwin said, if you want to know what the law says, look it up! Don't take my word for it.
Irwin began the seminar as soon as he sat down.
More Photo's from the Perfectly Frank Show
For some of us, the American Dream has turned into a living nightmare. The abuses of  government on it's citizens has to end! We the people are supposed to police government and not the other way around. The people need to wake up and start paying attention to what the government is doing. And it's getting worse!
Cindy listened intently to Irwin as he explained how  our constitional rights are being denied.

If you discovered that the Income Tax was VOLUNTARY, would you continue to volunteer?
Hell Yes!
Hell No!