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Temporary Restraining Order Entered

WASHINGTON, D.C.  Late yesterday, a federal court in Las Vegas issued a temporary restraining order barring Irwin Schiff and two associates, Cynthia Neun and Lawrence N. Cohen, from promoting their tax scams. The order prohibits the trio from holding any seminars to promote or sell Schiff's fraudulent "zero tax" plan or "any other false, fraudulent, or frivolous tax schemes or arguments." The order also prohibits Schiff and his associates from selling or advertising tax-scam books, audiotapes and other tax-related products and services, and from preparing any federal income tax returns for others. Within 10 days, Schiff, Neun, and Cohen must provide a copy of the order to their current customers and former customers with whom they have done business since January 1, 1999.

"Today's order is a victory for honest taxpayers," said Eileen J. O'Connor, Assistant Attorney General in charge of the Justice Department's Tax Division. "We will continue to take action to stop promoters who pitch tax scams."

My Second Response:

Dear Eileen O'Connor,
I have not received a response to my answer to your "PRESS RELEASE" about the Temporary Restraining Order your Department acquired against us at Freedom Books in Las Vegas.  I will resend it with this in the event that it did not get routed to you from your FAX Room. 

I want you to know that this action against Irwin Schiff, Larry Cohen and myself will not do any good whatsoever.  The truth is out.  You would not believe me if I told you, but, THE FEDERAL MAFIA: HOW THE GOVERNMENT ILLEGALLY IMPOSES AND UNLAWFULLY COLLECTS INCOME TAXES , has become even more popular and more sought after than ever before.  Your Department's restraining order has incited people to find it and to purchase it .  Other people, who bought the book by the case lot in the past are selling them on the Internet.  Just a couple of days ago, one copy sold on an E-Bay Auction for $117.75 + $2.00 shipping and handling. See it for yourself-

The book sold for $117.75? guess I. O. Irwin $91.75 oh I'll just round it off to $100
Stop by next weekend before the hearing and Pay UP.
Sparky / N11778

Your Department has made a big mistake attacking Irwin Schiff  and The Federal Mafia.  We are receiving a great deal of Email from people who have just heard about the "banning of the book" saying that they will not file income tax returns this year due to the fact that you have made this move to "burn" Irwin Schiff's book.

What's next?  Freedom Books is the nation's leading seller of The Internal Revenue Code.  Will you ban The Internal Revenue Code?  All of the information that Irwin put in The Federal Mafia is proven true by the Code.  We have been selling many Code Books (saving the instructions of how to use it at the IRS) since the TRO issued.  Some people have driven from other states to check on us that have never purchased any of Irwin Schiff's material, due to the fact that they see the TRO on our website.  The TRO is what convinced these people that what Irwin Schiff was advertising is correct.  The people are outraged!  No one has returned their book for a refund.  No one.

Sure, your Department has strangled us for now, and, maybe forever.  Perhaps we won't be able to stay in business once you have tied us up in your "Judicial Net".  But, I want you to know that the true patriotic citizens of this country will not stop fighting for the life of the BILL OF RIGHTS simply because the Courts will impose sanctions for bringing it up in front of them. 

My suggestion to you is that you speak to Congress and the Senate.  Tell them to repeal IRC 6320 and 6330...because that is where your problem is  With the laws they passed to protect us from you all.  Or, perhaps your Department can simply direct the lawmakers to put the language back in the Internal Revenue Code that was there in the 1939 Code making us liable for and required to pay the income tax.  Perhaps, you can do that.  The Code Sections you need to have revived from the 1939 Code are:
IRC Section 22. Gross income - (a) General definition.
IRC Section 11.  Normal tax on individuals.
IRC 271. Definition of deficiency.

When you get our lawmakers to reinstate those Code Sections that the Congress removed when they rewrote the Code in 1954, and when they go on to repeal the 1998 IRS Restructuring and Reform Act, you will have what you need to close down the entire Tax Freedom Movement. That would be nice, for you.

I hope that you are not the person who "blessed" this action taken against us, and I hope that you are not the person who directed the US Attorney Evan Davis to weave all of those tales and tell all of those lies in his Memorandum supporting his Complaint.  Boy, oh, boy, I hope it wasn't you.  I know that you are new on the job, and, it may well be that the Government put you there to serve as their "scapegoat" when this entire thing fails, and, as evidenced above, it has already failed. 

The citizens of this country know what your Department is doing when you let Irwin Schiff go on for what you claim in the Complaint to be   30 years-  and, only now when he is achieving the success that he has so earned and is so well deserved, you attempt to shut him down.  I would have asked my superiors about that problem if I were you.  For if the Department had a real case against Irwin Schiff, why wouldn't they have stopped him at least 10 years ago?  Why would they not make a move for all of this time to protect me and all of the other students of Irwin Schiff long before now?

I hope that you are sleeping well at night.  (I couldn't sleep, if I were you.)
Best regards,
Cynthia Smith-Neun
Las Vegas, Nevada

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