Dr. Ward Dean
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On December 7th, 2005, a well-meaning but ill-informed jury was convinced by corrupt government prosecutors, lying IRS agents, and a complicit judge, into convicting Dr. Ward Dean of six counts of tax evasion (1997  2002) and one count of "corruptly impeding the IRS in the collection of the tax." 

Throughout the trial the government went out of its way to portray Dr. Dean as a greedy, anti-government nut case.  As most readers of this website know, Dr. Dean is an internationally renowned physician and scientist who has served his country proudly and honorably for decades.

Throughout the trial the government's agents repeatedly refused to respond to questions poised by Dr. Dean's attorney regarding what specific law Dr. Dean allegedly broke.  Presiding Judge Lacy Collier also continually refused to allow any discussion as to which law, if any, required Dr. Dean to pay income taxes.  If such a law exists, why didn't the government simply tell Dr. Dean what it was, instead of stating nebulously that, "it's somewhere in the tax code"?

A jury of ten women and two men sat impassively throughout the trial, not even bothering to take any notes during the proceedings. Not surprisingly, it took them less than an hour  barely enough time to select a foreperson and vote on the charges  to reach a verdict. Clearly the jury had no time to review the numerous defense exhibits, or deliberate on the profound and complex issues that had been presented at trial.

Upon reading of the sentence Dr. Dean was immediately, "remanded into the custody of the U.S. Marshal's Service," (a sanitized, official-sounding way of saying he was handcuffed, shackled and hauled off to the county jail where he remains today pending sentencing on February 28, 2006).

Dr. Dean's current mailing address is:

Ward Dean 06076-017
Federal Detention Center
P.O. Box 019120
Miami, Florida 33101-9120
web site: http://www.warddeanmd.com/irsupdate.htm

The prosecutor and judge claim that Dr. Dean is a flight risk and are therefore denying him bond.  In the meantime his attorneys have filed a Motion for New Trial based on prosecutorial misconduct, failure to provide a proper instruction, grand jury fraud, judicial prejudice and ineffective assistance of counsel.
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July/06 Update: Dr. Dean was sentenced to 7 yrs, (double the sentencing guideline)