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Here's their rules and (CDPH) Procedures.
This is very helpful information for those that
are facing a Collection Due Process Hearing.

Along with your Schiff Materials, this
information could help you form
a solid foundation for your hearing.

For Tax Professionals
Collection Due Process Cases

here is a chapter...
B. Verification Requirements of 6330(c)(1) The Secretary (Field Compliance or ACS) is responsible for providing the appeals officer with verification that all applicable laws and administrative procedures necessary for the collection of the tax have been followed. In many cases, this can be accomplished by reviewing the taxpayer's account on IDRS. In some circumstances the appeals officer may need to obtain further verification, for example, where the taxpayer questions whether the assessment was properly made or collection procedures have been followed

See the entire manual


No News is Good News?
There's no word yet on the 9th Circuit Court, so, the stay, stands.

Irwin and Cindy are working away on their cases.

Cindy is preparing to go before the Grand Jury!
She is allowed 15 minutes to tell her side.
Hopefully they will grant her more time.
Anyone that would also like to write a letter/affidavit of their
experiences with the IRS are welcome to do so. Also letters requesting the government to answer our petitions to
Congress for our redress of grievances are urged to write to
the Grand Jury.

Email me for a sample letter and the address.

In the future
Cindy is going to be preparing a special Grand Jury Package.

Hey! The sign is OUT THERE and visible in all it's glory!!!
Their back in business!
Go in and buy something!!! Or call 800-TAX-NOMO

Irwin Schiff News
> Subject: [ZIF] Team Huddle
>       It is obvious that the IRS Thugs have changed
> their game plan. Instead of going after alot of the
> little guys theyre going for the Root of their
> troubles. Men and Women like Irwin and Cindy and
> Valiant others who spread the Tax Freedom gospel. If
> the IRS with the help of the Courts can show the whole
> country that all who standup to them and contest the
> tax are subject to legal ramifications they have
> succeeded in pulling the wool over the eyes of the
> sheople just a little bit more.
>       How convenient was the timing of the govt. to
> get a TRO against "The Federal mafia" during the so
> called Tax filing season... Come to think of it, this
> is about the same time of year that the media floods
> the news papers and boob tubes with High profile tax
> evasion indictments and Taxpayer beware
> Articles....CoinKinydink? I think not! Folks we are
> not fighting a Losing battle. But we are fighting the
> battle on their turf...the courts are nothing more
> than a show and a Legal tease to all of us who think
> justice will be served if we just ask them to show the
> Law.
>       I was Outraged when i listened to The 4/11
> Preliminary Injunction Hearing . Doesnt the Govt. have
> to prove its case? Dont they have to show that Irwin's
> book is by definition of the Law, a tax Shelter and a
> Scam? Isnt that what they're Saying?  Irwin, Cindy and
> Larry Proved their Case and that is that the Govt. Had
> No Case and did NOT prove anything!...But No Proof was
> all the Proof Judge George needed to Uphold the
> TRO...The Freakin prosecution wouldn't even Cross
> examine Irwin, nor would the court let him call the
> governments own Expert witnesses....Now whos
> evading?.....This Blatant Criminality of the So called
> "Justice System" and its Judiciary is Sickening!...
>       2 years ago when I was introduced to the Tax
> Freedom movement I had absolutley NO IDEA Of what it
> was really about. I just thought, "Great! ,This is
> legal And i'll have a few extra Bux in my pocket"..Boy
> was I in for it....I have learned so much more...and
> its the kind of knowledge that once you hear the truth
> , There is No turning back. My virgin eyes and ears
> have been tainted with Truth and I have been
> enlightened by it. I tell as many people as i can
> whenever i can...Ive ordained myself a "Tax Freedom
> Minister"...Because everyone must know what I now
> know...
>       I guess my point is that, Yes, Im frustrated
> and dissapointed at whats happening to honest
> hardworking Americans in this country even when they
> stand behind and abide by the law. But the only way we
> will succeed is to spread the word...tell everyone we
> can...We can only win when we wake up the Sleeping
> giant...millions of Americans can make a difference.
> There is safety, and in our case Victory in numbers.
> All the court cases, Legal documents, Hearings and
> legal proceedings we bury ourselves in Today Only
> serve to Document just how bad things really were and
> who were the accomplices to the Crimes against
> Americans...We need to refine and refocus some of our
> efforts just like they are. We need to change our game
> plan as well. We need to Hit'Em where it hurts and
> Scare them into submission. When the American people
> know they have been scammed and deceived, only then
> will we miraculously have victory in the courts and in
> the media. One by one these judges will scramble to
> save their asses and become "The judge who upheld the
> law and ruled in favor of Freedom"....What a day that
> will be!! Irwin, Cindy,Larry and all who fight for
> freedom , You Will Have Your Day.
> And to Judge George, Dorsey all others un-named, IRS
> cronies and to all the Federal prosecuters and
> Lie-yers....You have been warned!!! 

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Irwin Schiff News

Irwin Schiff
updated on: November 12, 2012
Hi M,
   I am on the Steering Committee of We the People in Colorado, and am very concerned about the so-called 'fair tax'.  If you will read the Bill of Rights, you will see that our forefathers warned for us to be vigilant about 2 things:
   1.  misconstruction of government
   2.  usurpation of power
Both of which have happened!!!  Especially with the implementation of the communistic income tax.
   If you will study our founding documents, you will see that our forefathers had determined that the federal government would have no jurisdiction over we the people.  It was merely to serve as an 'agent' of the 50 sovereign states.  To keep it that way, it was instructed by the constitution,  Article I section I clause 3, that it was to apportion its budget amongst the several states.  That law has never been repealed!   Treasonous beings simply 'overlayed' it with the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto - 'a strong and progressive income tax' to break the will of the people.
   Please, do not promote any kind of taxing which gives the federal government jurisdiction into our private lives.  It is time to place it back in its box! We the people have learned that no matter what kind of 'tax' you allow the federal government to place upon the people and their productivity or their products - it will create endless rules and bureaucracies about how it will be administered; how they will collect; how they will make sure you have paid 'your fair share', etc.  We will still have the criminal regulatory agency we already have!!! It is time to end the IRS, etc. and enforce the law by making the federal government go to the states for approval of their budget!!!  We would not have this life-threatening federal debt, if we had only enforced the law in the Constitution!!!
For Freedom and America,