Let us create a scenario involving you, the reader, and I, Cindy Neun.   Let us say that you own a very successful corporation, and because "everybody" does business with your company decade after decade, "everybody else" believes that they too must do business with you. Your company is perceived by the public to be very powerful, indeed. If a man should decide not to business with you, all of your other customers will try to get him to change his mind: neighbors, family members, friends, bankers, employers and practically everybody around him will use all kinds of tactics from threats to shame to sarcasm and ridicule until the man starts or returns to doing business with your company. Nobody likes doing business with you, but practically everyone working in America spends one-third to one-half of their weekly paycheck with your company their entire working life.

   You practically own the media, and they do all kinds of great work for you. All the advertising and news space you want, your company gets it "for free". Whatever you want the papers to print, they print.  It goes for TV.  You get all the big name broadcasters, and whatever you want them to say, they say.

   Now the judges and the lawmakers believe that their salaries and pensions are dependent upon the success of your corporation. And, as it turns out, they too are afraid of you.  So, it's almost as if they are your partners, because they let your company do whatever it wants.  Your company wants a Court Order to force your customers to pay?  All you have to do is ask. You do not like a particular Act of Congress?  You can change it by issuing a Memorandum. It's so easy; you do it all the time.

   Your company employs somewhere around 100,000 employees in offices all across America. Their jobs are to gather as much information and money from your customers as possible. The customers help you out by making an annual report at least once each year, every year.  They volunteer all kinds of information about themselves and all of their family members.  You know who are wealthy, who are poor; who are nearing their graves, who receive inheritances; who are living, banking, or investing offshore, and who have recently entered this country seeking citizenship.  Your customers tell you this and they tell you much more in their annual reports.

    You have the largest law firm in the country on staff constantly litigating and performing other kinds of "public relations" on your behalf.   Your company's law firm is conveniently located in Washington, D.C., and they have all the right strings attached to all the right connections. Practically every other lawyer in America works to protect your corporation as well because they earn big fees under the guise of "helping" their clients to stay in your good grace.

    You have "collection teams" armed with guns stationed in every major city across America.  The collection teams are geared up with all kinds of fancy "cop" equipment - the best available on the market. Judges give them Court Orders to "tap" the telephones of customers and to conduct any other kind of surveillance - whatever they feel like doing to get the "job" done.

   The teams go around convincing the smart man to be less smart.  (The guns are very helpful in this area.) They go out and take his home or business under siege to copy or to steal whatever they want from his computers and to pick up any other property the team may find helpful in the future to gain an insight for the company that it could not glean from the customer's yearly report.  The team finds out everything the smart man is thinking about: reading his letters, e-mail, personal journals, and, while having control of his property, they take all third-party information they can find. They take his check book, invoices and receipts so that the company will know where to go to get money in the event the man does not give it up on his own accord.

   You have enjoyed all of this manpower, capability and influence for decades as your "war chest" so to speak.  Your business thrives.  You own the richest corporation in the world.

   Now, here I come, Cindy Neun, holding a law book and escorting this man that does not want to do business with you, and I am saying quite confidently that what your corporation is doing is just plain illegal and that you can be sued for your business practices.  I show the people working for you that the jobs they were hired to do - by claiming his business whether he wants to be a customer or not - is absolutely against the laws of this country and is indeed violating a number of his Constitutional Rights.  The word gets out that I am doing this kind of work, and I begin helping other customers to defend themselves against these illegal practices.  To help them all I do is to read the Constitution, The Bill of Rights and the Statutes enacted by Congress in my law book out loud word for word.   It takes me about four or five years meeting with all of your key personnel, but, I convince your employees that I am going to do everything I can think to do to stop them from "shaking down" customers in this fashion. I meet with your employees hundreds of times.

    Your employees are not very receptive of this important information I bring to them, but they come to you to ask: "Is what Cindy says true?  Are we breaking the law?"

   You say, "Don't be ridiculous  The Courts have ruled that we can do whatever we want, and, besides, everyone "knows" that they have to do business with our company. They have been doing it for decades and they will continue.  All you have to do is shut Cindy up.  Don't let her speak.  Here  You can use this little brochure, as it looks very official with our letterhead on it and everything.  Give this to Cindy and tell her it is our company policy now that she will no longer be allowed to speak while she is in here.  Tell her too that we are not going to allow audio and transcription recordings when she and her customers are in our offices. That is all you have to do."  Your employees use that approach, saying I am no longer allowed to help the non-customers in front of them.  This helps your employees to feel more at ease on their jobs, but, it does not seem to help getting the non-customers to become customers. In fact, there seem to be more and more people turning to me than to your employees for advice and encouragement.

   As the years pass, your company sees a "profit threatening trend" where people are listening to me even as you are threatening them and attempting to steal their money from employers, banks, stockbrokers, insurance companies and anyone else found owing money to the non-customer. When you cannot find cash, you send notices out to the County Recorder and have an encumbrance put on their real property, and you do other things like ruining their names and violating their rights and freedoms. You send bogus bills to the credit reporting agencies; they enter a negative report to "tie people up" until they start doing business with you.  These third parties, your regular customers, bow down immediately to help you.  (Sometimes your company pays a "bounty fee" for this kind of help.)  But, even with all this, the people keep coming to me because they are sick and tired of living under the threats of what your company might do to them if they do not continue doing business with you.  So, even though I am not allowed to speak on their behalf, there I am showing up alongside the non-customers meeting with your employees. Now, your employees want me to disappear completely.  They do not like having to do the "job" in front of a witness carrying a law book and taking down notes.

   Frustrated, nervous and agonizing over these defeats, your people come to you again.  They cry, "What can we do?"  Some of our best customers are showing up with her on their side. We cannot collect the money or the information with her in the room."

  It becomes clear from all of the company reports that my efforts to educate and to protect people from your abusive business practices is working very well and is significantly cutting into your operating budget and profit margin.  But, you never call me up.  You never say a word to me about my advocacy activities and what they are costing you  Not a peep from you to me about any of this.  When I call you up, you do not return my phone calls. Whenever I write a letter to your company, I receive no answers to those letters.  You do not know what to do about me, either, evidently. So, in desperation, you do two things: You send out the big "Special Collection Team" - (20 or more members)  THUGS with guns and a Court Ordered Search Warrant to take my office under siege; stealing a truck load of information; copying everything on my computers; and, grabbing any other evidence I may have collected to prove your company is nothing more than an extortion ring.  Then the thugs go on for good measure or, for kicks -  "sending a message" to me - by ransacking the files they left behind, and vandalizing my office equipment. (It looks like a Sunday night "Soprano's" episode.) With all of my evidence against you and your employees locked away from my reach, you call up the law firm in Washington, D.C., ordering them to remedy this problem about me.

  The "boys" from Washington, D.C. arrive.  They come after me like crazy.  They pretend to be conducting a criminal investigation, running to the judge for a Court Order to restrain me from protecting people from your business practices. They say that I am costing your company millions of dollars and I have been doing this for many years and they want the judge to make me stop!  They openly cry: "We're shutting the scam down now after all these years", (pretending that I am running the scam); and, "We can't do it without you, Judge, because the actual law is on her side.  So, will you help us please to shut Cindy up and make her stop talking to people about the laws and their rights?"  The Judge does as the lawyers ask.  He helps.  He thinks that he must help because he has helped many times before, and, all of his friends have helped you, too. Therefore, a "Code of Honor" exists which is much more powerful than any Constitution, Act of Congress, Oath of Office, or Code of Judicial Conduct.  Those things are for "show".  They don't really count.  The judge rejects any rule working to protect me (and everybody else) from you. With my defense, (the evidence the thugs took out of my office), all locked up, the judge can do these kinds of things. He Orders that I do not help anyone anymore, and, I cannot read the law out loud in public either.  That should do it.  Oh, but, wait  There is the matter of that book  where people can read the same things I am telling people to do, so, that book must be immediately banned. Now, that should really do it. That will be the end of me interfering with your business since my livelihood depends upon the book, the seminars, the radio show, and the other things I do to protect people from you. How long can I possibly go on when the rent is due and my income is shut down by a Court Order? 

    CNN television and practically everyone else in "the news" relate your report to their audiences.  They say that I am a scam artist and that this impressive law firm has finally come in to shut me down, like they just found me hiding under a rock. Your company is the victor on the "news".  This great "news" appears in every newspaper in the country.  They cannot print it fast enough. No need, obligation or responsibility exists to ask me any questions about the whole ordeal. You have already told them what I will say: "The 'same old hackneyed rhetoric' that the Courts have deemed 'frivolous' time and time again about our company's cruel, obscene and illegal business practices."  Because you have already said it as if it were a ridiculous joke, the media does not care to talk to me.

  This is all very good, but, you want more:  Due to the fact that I have cost your company so much money, and, because you may decide at some future point to have me arrested for interfering with your racket, the Court lets your employees monitor all of my telephone calls, at my office and at my home for as long as they want.  This allows you immediate knowledge in the event that I am tempted to help anyone, for if I should "slip" (violating the Court's Order), I can go directly to jail for "contempt" without a trial.

   Now, I ask you, hypothetical company owner: could this scenario take place in real life in America?  Could you get away with conducting your business like this?  Could you as a business owner operate as a renegade looter and get all of these important and powerful people to help you do it, or, at least help you to cover it up? Could you operate "above the law"? Could any company or entity pull this off without getting kicked out of Court and going straight to jail?

   "No!  No!  No!"  I hear you say, "That would be absurd!"

  Well, dear readers, look at the Restraining Order and the photos of the Raid under the Search Warrant, and listen to the trials on the internet at: www.paynoincometax.com, and you will hear how one corporation in America is able to make this absurd scheme work!  "God Bless (and help) America", you will pray.


By: Cynthia Smith-Neun
Thank you, LAS VEGAS TRIBUNE and IDAHO OBSERVER for giving me this voice.