However, they spoke with many good folks that eagerly accepted the flyers and the newspaper ad, so we hope that they will indeed turn on the trials and listen to them on The  website to hear how the government pulls all of this off without ever naming the premise of their objection to what Irwin, Cindy and Larry do and say.  How ex parte communications go on in front of everyone in the "courtroom" between the "judge" and the United States Attorneys...Knowing glances, reassuring nods, and comments from the bench such as "It's clear to me", speaking about the law that requires individuals to pay the income tax, even though no one names it.
Cindy went to L.A. for a visit with Angie and Joey and to work the big Book Expo America Convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

For two days they handed out literature on the book banning and the trials of Irwin Schiff and others involved in the Tax Freedom Movement.
Cindy and Angie got a great deal of exercise and drew some very positive attention even though they openly announced that  they  were "crashing" the convention for this purpose.
The full page color ad (below) that Quince bought for Irwin in the Las Vegas Tribune newspaper served as a dynamite hand out at this huge convention.  Authors, lecturers, publishers, distributors, publicists, news cameras, all were there.  What timing!
They met many people  that were unaware of the Book Ban & Gag Order.
We're Not Hiding!
We're not hiding!
Quince's full page ad
Our Booth
They landed in unoccupied booths, and just took over.  Cindy even notified the floor manager that they were doing this, explaining their predicament, and he approved saying that he wished them luck, as he kept though they weren't really talking.  (Cameras may be watching.)  People are so afraid.  Even the book people ~ many of them~ did not want to discuss the First Amendment.  Main stream talking heads have not sanctioned this discussion, therefore, people can't talk about it.  They look away.  Cindy said, "It is unbelievably frightening to me how many people said that it does not affect them.  Writers.  Publishers.  Some of them don't believe that what the government is doing to ban Irwin Schiff's research and his book affects them".
A Friends booth  was already very crowded by the time we arrived so, Cindy and Angie took over a booth that was unoccupied right across the aisle.
It was a lot of work and a lot of running around, but it was worth it. If we don't do our best to get the word out, now, while we can still make a difference, what's going to happen to our children and our country, later? Living in servitude, slavery, working for the government, in a country that boasts freedom to the rest of the world? Uh-uh! A country that was founded and has maintained The Peoples Bill of Rights for over 200 years? Uh-uh! Nope! We can't hide our heads in the sand and pretend that it's not happening.

Look AMERICANS! Our freedoms are disapearing daily because the majority of us are too afraid to say anything or do anything about it.  This is not a joke and we will not accept someone telling us, "there's nothing we can do about it. That we might as well give in."
Join Irwin Schiff and all the groups that are asking  government the hard questions.  Let's stand together!

The great "Redress of Grievences" (thousands of signed petitions were delivered to every member of congress and the president) that Bob Schulz's group, the "We The People Foundation" has put before them  with a request for the answers still has not been addressed. We The People Foundation is a strong organization and growing in numbers nationwide. He, Irwin Schiff and all of us are standing together on the truth and the Constitution.  We are all Americans in  persuit  of the truth. We must UNITE in the effort and stand strong on our principals and beliefs. We MUST Not just obey what the government tells us.
Bob Schulz's We The People Foundation web site is at 
NO! We will not give up or give in!  We are Americans and Americans MAKE the country. We are not the government. "They" are the government. The government is NOT America! It is just a US corporation that has sold us out.  Just a larger version of ENRON and we are the shareholders.  We get stuck paying for everything! We are America and the Constitution gives us the rights and powers to control governments size, and get rid of it's practices of terrorism on the American people. What terrorism you ask? How about the kind that gives you heart failure when that letter shows up at your door and it's from the IRS requesting an additional $53,000.00 in back taxes plus penalties and interest!  Plus the threat that if you don't pay, they will just take it. That is terror! The government uses fear to control us. No! we will not live in a "Code Orange" state of mind or will we give up our rights as Americans especially the right to fight for our freedoms.
Cindy and friend Devra
Get the word out!